Welcome to our Solitude

Welcome to our little piece of Solitude. We recently purchased a condo at the Solitude Ski Resort which is located in Big Cottonwood Canyon about 30 miles from downtown Salt Lake City Utah. The resort has the feel of a quaint little European village, and averages around 500" of snow per year. There is fun to be had year round however, and we have created this blog as a means of sharing all the great things Solitude has to offer. We hope you'll follow us as we inform you about current conditions and events in the canyon. If you'd like to experience it all for yourself feel free to contact us and reserve your spot at our condo. I know you'll love every minute of your time spent there. Thanks!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Snow is Flying...

The snow is here!  Well the beginnings of it.  I'm sure there is much more to come.  Here are a few pictures we took of the first snowfall last Saturday.  The paper says 2' may be on the way in the next day or two.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Colorful Oasis

I think if I had to describe what real beauty is I'd have to use the word nature at least once or twice.  Driving up the canyon these last few weeks has been absolutely breathtaking!  Its a multitude of colors and textures that blend together to make the most beautiful symphony the eyes have ever seen. 

Eagle Springs East with it's waterfall out front
As we've enjoyed all our condo has to offer these last few weeks I think my favorite thing has just been the sheer beauty and solitude you are completely surrounded by.  We swam in the pool almost everyday...and usually had the pool all to ourselves.  It was amazing just sitting in the hot tub surrounded by trees that are brilliant yellow and orange intermingled with evergreens that smell of the crisp freshness of nature.  We went for walks and talked about the excitement winter will bring when we can ski down those hills together.  We watched movies every night, and laughed and played with all those that we love.  That was our weekend.  It's what dreams are made of.
View from our deck
Creek and condo buildings surrounded by fall colors

Ammenities Galore

Lobby of Eagle Springs East

I thought I’d take a minute to tell you about all the great things there are to do at Solitude.  In Eagle Springs East, which is the very building our condo is in, they have what they call Club Solitude.  It is a great place to hang out and relax after a fun day on the mountain.  They have a beautiful lobby area where you can sit in front of the fire and talk with friends.
The outdoor pool is open year round which is so much fun, and they provide towels for you
Pool and Hot Tub at night
so you don’t even have to bother taking your own.   The pool features a slide and a great shallow area for the little ones.  Flanking the pool are two hot tubs where you can relax as you watch the kids splash and play in the pool.  During the winter months they turn on the gas fire pit which adds a great ambiance to the entire place.  Speaking of ambiance…did I mention that the pool is surrounded by trees?  It’s just beautiful.  There is also a bridge that goes over an area where the water runs down into a waterfall in front of the building.  Here is a picture of one of the hot tubs and the pool at night.
After the pool you can hit the locker room there on the main floor where you can shower, or just sit in the sauna and relax some more.
Game room with foosball, Xbox 360, TV, and more
Club Solitude also features a game room equipped with a foosball table, and several Xbox 360 gaming stations.  There is a nice pool table in its own area just off the game room if you like to challenge your loved ones to a friendly game of pool now and then, and a fun theater room where they show nightly movies or sporting events.  You can even schedule some of these areas for your own use depending upon availability if you talk to the person at the desk. 
If skiing and hiking aren’t enough exercise for you they have a nice exercise room complete with weights, treadmills, elliptical, and stationary bikes.  The room has mirrors and several TV screens so you can watch your favorite show as you work out.

Just outside the door of Eagle Springs East is the tennis court which doubles as an ice skating rink in the winter months.  You can rent skates in the village, or bring your own and skate to your heart’s content.

Exercise room

The village itself is a fun place to take a walk.  It’s comprised of four condo buildings, Eagle Springs East, Powderhorn, Eagle Springs West, and Creekside as well as several restaurants, and the lodge with its beautiful clock tower.  Here is a list of the restaurants available.  The Yurt offers a five course meal, St. Bernard’s offers fine dining with gourmet flair, and the Stone Haus Pizzeria and Creamery has great pizza, sandwiches and ice cream.  There is also Kimi’s which is a casual restaurant surrounded with beautiful views.  Remember you can also cook up a hot meal of your own in our fully equipped kitchen.  You will however want to stop and get some groceries to bring up with you before you head up the canyon as there aren’t many options for buying them once you are there.
Hope this helps you plan all the fun you’ll have on your next trip to Solitude!

The village

Clock Tower and the Haus Pizzeria